Garrick Baskerville MD


Dr. Garrick Baskerville is a board-certified Family Medicine physician and the Founder of METSI Care. He received a B.S. degree in Biology from the Pennsylvania State University. He then received his medical degree from the Pennsylvania State Hershey College of Medicine and completed his residency at Christiana Care Health System in Wilmington, DE. He has practiced in Primary Care, Urgent Care, Sports Medicine, and Occupational Health (Worker’s Compensation) for the past 12 years.

Dr. Garrick is passionate about providing HIGH QUALITY care that addresses all aspects of what makes us human beings, includingMIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. He believes that care should be AFFORDABLE for EVERYONE and that QUALITY CARE takes time. That said, he believes a patient should have time to address their issues and not feel rushed during a visit. At METSI, the visits are 30 - 60 minutes if needed. When he practiced in traditional, insurance, based models of care, he was scolded by administrators when he wanted to spend more than 15 minutes with his patients. That didn't sit right with Dr. Garrick and he told himself back in 2012 that he would eventually start his own practice where he could provide the care he believes in which EVERYONE should ACCESS. With that, he founded METSI CARE. He is excited to have his soft launch October 2019.

Dr. Garrick is also a photographer who enjoys capturing human expressions of joy and excitement. He also enjoys taking both action and slow motion, low light shots. He has photographed artists including Aaliyah, 98 degrees, Mos Def, Colbie Caillat, and Taylor Swift. Dr. Garrick started photography using his dad's professional Minolta camera after losing his father to bone cancer in 1997. He used the camera as a way of healing and connecting with his father which he still does today.

In his free time, he enjoys creating and cooking healthy recipes as a freestyle cook, and attending live music events, comedy shows, art shows, and performance art/theatre events. He was an extra in Season 3 of House of Cards. He hopes to learn guitar and piano from METSI Care members and wants to one day sing and play a show in his favorite cities including Austin, Philly, LA, and Nashville!

Dr. Garrick spoke at the SXSW Conference 2019 on March 13th, 2019. His speech is entitled "How Preventative Care Increases Creativity and Wellness."

Dr. Garrick looks forward to meeting you and learning more about you, your dreams, and keeping you happy and healthy!