Kimberly N. Works MD, FAAFP

Pediatric Works

Kimberly N. Works, MD, FAAP looks forward to bringing high-quality and personalized pediatric care to your “little ones” and adolescents. Four years after residency she decided to open Pediatric Works because she was frustrated with the impersonal corporate approach to health care that caused feelings of uncertainty in health care's future. She decided it was time to go back to practicing medicine the way it used to be, with a focus on the personal relationship between the patient and the doctor.

Through Pediatric Works, her Direct Primary Care practice, Dr. Works has created a warm environment that focuses on patient wellness and safety by offering a wider range of services within the office. This includes same-day appointments, direct after-hours access, the dispensation of common medications, routine lab work, telemedicine, home visits, mental health support, and more. With consideration and understanding that every patient and family situation is unique, Dr. Works strives to be a trusted resource for information, care, and compassion.

In addition to her work with the clinic, Dr. Works served as Vice-Chair of the Pediatrics Department at her previous place of employment. She is an advocate for healthy living, practicing mindfulness, and improving self-esteem. As a youth, she struggled with Dyslexia and that experience allows her to connect on a deeper level with others. Supporting ones mental health, and physical health is dear to her heart.

When she’s not working, Dr. Works volunteers on mission trips and is a member of medical leadership organizations. Dr. Works was, and is still an avid runner. She was on the track and field team at Milton High School (Alpharetta, GA) and was granted an athlete scholarship to South Carolina State University. She truly enjoys being outside running, biking, and hiking. Dr.
Works also isn’t afraid to admit that she spoils her child, AKA Lola (Golden Lab)!